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With busy, responsible lives, it is easy to allow stress into your life -it sneaks up that way.  Eliminating stress is the goal.  Agree?

Here are three totally doable ways to reduces stress quickly to get you on your path towards stress elimination:

1. Stop telling everyone (including yourself) how stressed you are– the more you talk about stress, the more you focus on stress, and you will experience more stress.  Really!  Besides, no enjoys hearing about how stressed we are anyway. 

If you need support, ask for what you need.  Don’t lead in with how stressed, miserable, tired…you are.  Focus on what you need to feel calm, peaceful, energetic…doesn’t that sound better? 

2. Change your actions immediately when you feel stressed. Remaining in that stressful moment will not benefit you.. 

Stop! Take a walk, even around your office building. Do something that makes you smile like chatting with a positive co-worker, friend or family member.  Plan something exciting like a get-away weekend, dinner with friends, paint night – you get the idea. Even a bit of daydreaming can get you out of stress mode. 

3. Be mindful. Weigh out your options in that stressful moment. Do you feel anxious, resentful, exhausted ?  Would you rather feel calm, rested, energized, lighthearted?

Create an positive intention on how you want to feel immediately. Your positive intention will move you in that direction. Share that with your co-workers and friends -they will love your energy.   Action will follow that will lead you in the right direction.  Trust the process! 

Achieving life balance does not need to be complicated. It is a way of life, it takes addressing what is not working, like stress, and making changes. Why? Because it feels good, we begin to treat ourselves and others better. We start to live our life fully instead of allowing circumstances, situations or others to dictate how we should live.

 I use these strategies all the time to maintain a balanced life.  It’s a journey, let’s choose to make it enjoyable and fulfilling one step at a time. 

If you would like to begin to eliminate stress and create a balanced life in 2020,  click here to talk for 30 minutes to see how I can help you. 

I am grateful you are part of my Balance Boost crew!  Thank you! I wish you a very Merry Christmas with lots of love, peace and calm!

Have a happy day!