I partner with individuals who want to create a positive change in their personal or professional life for better health, increased energy, stronger relationships, and more joy.

Now more than ever, we are juggling busy schedules and adapting to a lot of change in the world. The quest for positive change and living a fulfilling life is in hot pursuit! You have the power within you to create the change you want and need – and enjoy each step along the way.

Supporting individuals with change that is heart-centered, sustainable, and personally satisfying for them is what I strive to do. I walk with clients one step at a time to help them gain clarity, confidence, and courage to reach their goals.

I’m a Certified Life Coach and member of the International Coaching Federation with a communications and marketing  background.  My husband, Jim (of 32 years) and I raised four amazing children together juggling many schedules and responsibilities.  I’ve learned in my roles as a busy woman, wife, mother, and business owner that making a commitment to myself to create the changes I want is possible and fulfilling.  I’m here to support you in this fun journey too!



It became clear that Chris was showing me how to make the changes needed for a truly balanced life.

Joyce Romano

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