You have the power to create positive change in your life with Clarity, Confidence and Courage.


Providing encouragement and support to others who desire positive change in their lives with clarity, confidence, and courage is what I do.  Many people feel a change or shift is needed in their life, but unsure how to begin to address it. It can feel overwhelming to be in your own thoughts and unable to take action.  I’m here to help you.

As your coach, I listen without judgement and help you unravel what may be making you feel stuck, if anything,  from going after your goals and dreams. We will talk about what you want – and need in your life.   I will partner with you to create realistic goals and steps to take.  Most importantly, I support you unconditionally celebrating your success along the way.

Know that you have the power to change it.  I will support you step by step!


Christine was readily available to speak with me after 1 call! She was professional, understanding, intent on listening, with a sincere desire to alleviate my Anxiety! We discussed goals I could set with an assurance of her holding me accountable! Truth is that all of us need support now and then. Christine will not disappoint!

Laurie Starkey

What’s keeping you from making changes?

Addressing Needs and Wants

Your needs and wants are blurred when you feel stuck.

Setting Goals

Demanding schedules make it hard for you to create goals.

Taking Action

Stress and/or fear stops you from taking action.
Is it time to give yourself the attention you need on the inside and out?
Are you ready to feel lighter, laugh more, and discover that you can reach your goals and pursue your dreams? 
Do you want to let go of negative thoughts and feel confident in making positive changes in your life? 

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