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 You might be wondering how do I get so caught up in my own stress that I didn’t notice myself freaking out? By then, you’ve already taken it out on others…and then come the feelings of guilt, unhealthy coping, exhaustion and a huge feeling of defeat…ugh!

Well, it’s a NEW YEAR! 

If you are still reading this, then you probably want to fix some or all the things mentioned above.

I recommend you begin to put these strategies into practice if you wish to experience calm, positivity and enjoyment in your life:

  1. Begin your day with some alone time (driving to work doesn’t count). Not for hours, just for 15 minutes.  You’re not trying to solve anything.  Grab your coffee (tea, water…) and chill. You will be pleasantly surprised how calming this is over time.
  • Make a conscious choice to eliminate negativity in your life.  Some things are quick fixes, others take time. You know what feels good and what doesn’t.
  • Do something that makes you happy (not your kids or spouse, just you).  Even just a little bit here and there makes a huge impact on a stressed lifestyle. Feed your soul!
  • Get outside.  Nature is awesome! When you begin to truly appreciate it, the feeling is amazing!  You do not need to hike a mountain; you just need to breath in some fresh air as often as possible.  

I know there are a lot of layers within each of these strategies, however, this is a great place to start to reduce stress. It does not require a lot of you, except the desire to begin to take care of yourself – which is super important to a balanced life. It’s a NEW YEAR! 

I would love to help you with these steps, where you need the help. Call me for a free Breakthrough Session and we will get you on your way in 2020.

Have a happy day!