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The holidays are upon us. Yay!  It is a wonderful time to enjoy family, friends and food – right?  You may feel overwhelm rather than calm and joy. 

A few reasons many women experience overwhelm and stress around the holidays are:

1. Trying to meet…or exceed everyone’s expectations.  The dinner has to be perfect, the cookies need to be super creative, traditions must go on, your house has to be clean…eek! And you have to be happy – is this all realistic? NO!

2. Self-care goes out the window...until it becomes a New Year’s  resolution (again).  Who has time for a walk or sleep with all the shopping, planning and entertaining? 

3. Over-eating, over-drinking and over-spending – getting caught up in the moment can take you here. 

Sound familiar? Try this instead:

Start with a sincere intention that you are going to focus on enjoying them more, then….

1. Do your best and let go of the rest This includes expectations (mostly made up in our heads).  It will still be merry – I promise! 

2.Maintain ONE self-care practice you love.  Not all, just one. It will give you the positive energy you need for busy days. 

3. Make the choice now to use moderation in eating, drinking and spending- enjoy it all, of course, but be mindful this year of how much, so you don’t feel it later.

I plan on implementing these steps to get the most out this beautiful time of year, and hope you will consider a few too. Let me know if you need help with any of them at 

If you would like to address areas in your life that are causing you overwhelm, click here to talk for 30 minutes to see how I can help you find calm. 

I am grateful you are part of my Balance Boost crew!  Thank you! I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving with lots of love and laughter, and will be back in December to share more Boosts!  

Have a happy day!