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I hope you and your family are healthy! The New Year is upon us – thank goodness!  I’m pretty sure, we’re all ready to move forward. Oh yeah! 

If you’re looking to EMPOWER yourself in 2021 (why not?) to reach and maintain goals, here are five boosts that I know will help you do it effectively:

1. Let Go – Whatever ticked you off in the past, hurt you, or held you back, it’s best to emotionally and mentally LET GO to give yourself the green light to be happy and content. You call the shots in how you respond:)

2.Schedule Quiet Time– Be alone and get space from the noise of your phone, laptop, TV, kids…Even just 10 minutes will give you more clarity than you can imagine. You can find this time!

3. Be Kind – Be kind to yourself, forgive yourself, and remember… life can be messy sometimes.  As you pursue your dreams and desires, accept what others choose too – we’re all wired differently.  Genuine kindness is powerful in shaping a more positive world.  Be the change:)

4. Stay Focused  When you follow your heart and know what you want, stay the course. Remind yourself often what’s inspiring you to do pursue it. Listen and respect the opinions of others, however, you need to be you’re own guide.  It’s your life to create!

5. Take Action – Your 2021 goals will only happen if  you act.  Steps –  big or tiny, will get you closer to your dream job, new business, fun experiences, healthier body, and/or better relationships. No excuses!

Reach out to me here for support to do this!  These five boosts helped me find an inner peace and  balance over the years in incredible ways- even when I fell off course.  I hope you can apply them in 2021 – and mix it with a whole lot of good health and self-love to find your bliss! 

Cheers to a New Year and New Beginnings:)