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Ever wonder how you can have desires burning so strongly in your heart, yet they remains just… well… flickering flames? From desiring less stress to more fun to better health – these desires don’t have to remain just in your heart.  Whether it’s your intention or not, you’ve been dimming the flames. No worries, you can change this:)

Here’s how:  

1. Know your desires. We’re really good at helping everyone else pursue goals and dreams, but rarely sit down and take stock in what we truly want in our life. When you know, the flame gets stronger.

Tip: Ask yourself:  What’s missing from my life right now? (spend some time on this)

2. Know your power.   After you know what you want, you many hear those negative words come out of your mouth like “It’ll probably never happen” or “I can’t see myself doing that.” Catch this sooner.  Change it to a positive statement like:

“I’m excited to work towards making this happen for myself,” or “I’m ready to try something new.” Self-talk is empowering! 

You have the power over your emotions, desires, and feelings. It’s really up to you.  Your words matter.

3. Know the gap.  What do you need to do to fire up your desires?  What do you need to know more about? Who do you need to talk to or learn from? Once you know the gap, action gets it rolling, and it’s a fun journey! 

4. Be patient.  It takes time and perseverance to make our true desires happen. Is it worth it to you? That’s part of the experience.  So relax, take one FUN baby step at a time as it unfolding.  

Feel stuck?  It’s normal. We don’t always know what our desires are, and how to make them a reality.  Reach out to me to talk through it.  I truly love to help my clients gain clarity in what they want and need to live their best life!