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Does this sound familiar?

You are unable to finish one task completely, your memory is foggy, people are talking to you, but you are not really listening, your mind is somewhere else-and you’re not even sure where it is… you are about to blow!  

 This is a feeling of OVERWHELM.  Warning: You may live this way daily, and have become numb to it. Rest assured, there is a way out! 

My one big tip for overcoming this stressful, unhealthy way of living that so many women are stuck in is to  LET GO!  You need to let go of control, let go of negativity and fear.  Just let go! 

Here are few helpful steps:

1. Be aware of what is causing YOU to feel overwhelmed.  What about the job doesn’t work for me” or ” How is this relationship causing me stress?” or What do I need to do to take better care of myself?”

2. Commit to improving your feeling of overwhelm – if you don’t, you will stay stuck. Do you really want to feel better than you do right now? 

3. Find your motivation- is it for better health, better relationships, more energy, more clarity, or all of the above that you are excited about gaining?

4. Write it down-read it daily, add pictures if you want – visualize your calm life.

5.Decide what you will let go of first.  Hint: Focus on yourself only, you can’t control other people, only your thoughts and actions. 

 You have the power within you to overcome overwhelm.  It takes your desire and focus. I can support you along the way too.   Just  click here for a complimentary breakthrough session. 

Thank you for taking the time to open and read my Balance Boosts! Let’s help fellow women live a calm, balanced life and share with a friend.