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So you feel stuck?  Stuck in a job, stuck in a relationship, stuck in stress mode, stuck feeling tired, stuck in a routine, stuck in boredom, stuck in finding your passion…

I know this does not feel good, and it seems hard to determine what your next move should be.  You don’t have to stay stuck any longer:)  The next move is putting some energy towards what you want.

Begin with these four powerful questions to ask yourself.  If you truly want to make a change, you will need to take the time for yourself and reflect on these questions – don’t rush getting to the answers, let them really sink in first. 

What could you stop doing?
What could you do less of?
What could you do more of?
What do you want to continue doing? 
What do you want to start doing? 

Make it a fun activity (a.k.a. self-care)!  Dream! Don’t over-think it.  

What is one action step you can take today?  Without action, you will remain stuck.  I don’t want you to stay stuck, let’s all get unstuck and find balance in our busy lives

Have a happy day!