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You have a choice – we all have a choice to live with more calm or with more overwhelm.  Here are three ways to quickly shift from overwhelm to calm whether is comes on abruptly or has been hanging around with you for a while.  

1. Own the feeling.  It’s yours. So acknowledge that you feel overwhelmed, stressed, overloaded, angry, resentful…or any other negative emotion you feel. Don’t blame anyone for it, just own it. 

2. Set an intention.  Make a decision right there and then that you want to change the miserable, unhappy, uncomfortable  (feeling, situation, relationship, state of being) – whatever it is for you immediately. 

3. Integrate the positive.  At that moment, tell yourself something positive (self-talk is powerful), do something that makes your heart happy, talk with a trusted friend or coach, take a step (even a tiny one)  in a positive direction.  

Is this easy as 1,2,3? No, that is why so many people stay in the “overwhelmed” state of mind.  You need to make the effort and put forth the energy to change.  When you begin to do this consistently, momentum builds, rewards become amazing, and you will enjoy this journey towards a calmer lifestyle.

We sometimes need help overcoming the negative that may be based on old beliefs and fears, or just don’t know where to start first.  If you need support in this regard, I am happy to help you.  Please reach out to me for a Breakthrough Session.  

Have a happy day!