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Have you done this? You set out with the best of intentions to complete a task, then somehow you’ve created a way to put off what you once thought was so important. This is known as PROCRASTINATION.  This state of mind very quickly enables us to feel comfortable by avoiding or ignoring something that takes effort.  The problem is that PROCRASTINATION is not really our friend, because it takes away ACTION, the driving force behind making positive changes in your life. No worries, you can change this today. 

To help you move away from procrastination, ask yourself – and answer these five questions: 

1. What am I trying “not” to do? – Self-awareness
2. What outcome do I want? – Clarity
3. What is one step I need to take today to go in this direction? Action
4. When do I want to do this? Time Management
5. Who can hold me accountable to do this? (friend, co-worker, partner, or coach) – Accountability

What have you been putting off lately?

Christine Willard, Certified Life Coach