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Happy Valentine’s Day! (almost)

The love you want to share and give to others comes from within you. The more you fill your self-love tank up in positive ways, the more you have to share.  Sometimes our tanks run low – I know. So being aware that self-love matters in how we treat ourselves and others is really important.

Here are a few ways to increase self-love:

1. Get to know YOU
-slow down your pace
-spend time alone
-write down what you love about yourself

2. Give yourself a treat 
-do something you truly love doing…even if simply a nap:)
-take that step in pursing your dream (big or small)
-say “NO” so you can tend to your needs

3.Practice gratitude daily
-stay in the moment to take notice of the love around you
-say “thank you” when someone pays you a complement (that’s all) – then let it FEEL good to you
-notice what makes you smile then share your smile with others – this is an awesome gift to share:)

Wishing you a Valentine’s Day full of love from within and all around you! 

Christine Willard, Certified Life Coach