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To have more balance, more fun, more calm in your life starts with an intention then requires some small, or not so small change…or shift (if “change” causes your heart to race a bit:).  Creating that shift requires ACTION!  This is where we get stuck.

We have the best intention to get more exercise, reduce stress, get together with friends, change jobs, manage our time better, and so on, but it doesn’t always happen. Here are three reasons (of many) that make taking action challenging:

1. It’s uncomfortable-Plain and simple,we like routine!
2. It takes self-motivation- What’s the benefit of the change – Is it worth it to you?
3. It takes risk – What will you lose by making a change? What will you lose by NOT making a change?

You can stay where your are…or you can break through uncomfortable, unmotivated and/or routine.

Create small, doable action steps, reward yourself for your successes, envision reaching your goal and stay focused.

It all begins with you!  If you are ready move from stuck to action, I can help you create an action plan that’s just right for you!  Click here to chat more!

Have a happy day!