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Most women struggle with this, because we are natural caregivers. However, whether you learn to say “no” more or “yes” on your terms, it’s time to release yourself from pleasing others.

Working on this will help you create more balance between what you are giving to others and what you are receiving for yourself.  It doesn’t have to be two equal parts, but it does have to feel balanced to fully enjoy your work and home life. 

We are not being selfish when we put our needs first by declining to take on another responsibility. In fact, we are more pleasant to be around when we put our self-care needs at the top- just being honest.  

Have you noticed it’s the important things that get impacted when you do say “yes” to please others?  Things like exercise, family time, fun or time alone. This is where life balance gets out of whack then stress sets in for most of us. 

It is always best to say “no” when:

1. You are feeling stressed or overwhelmed
2. Already doing too much
3. You are tired or sick

Remember these tips when you feel “no” is the best option for you:

1. Tell the truth why you cannot take on another responsibility
2. Ask for time to think about it such as “I’ll get back to you.”
3. Stay firm with your answer by adding words like “I’m unavailable,” “I can’t do that right now,”  or “I have other commitments”  

What in your life do you need to say “no” to at this time?