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“Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”
― Roy T. Bennett

Do you have a dream or an aspiration accompanied by a burning desire to see it through? Our dreams give us something to look forward to. They’re the foundational building blocks for defining your purpose and building the life you desire. They motivate you. They inspire you. They offer resilience in adversity.

And they’re the spark you need to ignite unwavering confidence.

? Are you navigating through life with a certain health challenge?

? Do you want to land that promotion you’ve been working toward?

? Do you wish you had the confidence to try something new or improve your present situation?

? Are you stuck on your weight loss journey and wish you could move forward?

I’m here to tell you how.

Let’s explore 5 essential steps to confidently pursue your dreams.

Define Your Vision: Be specific. What are you truly passionate about? What do you want to achieve? Think about what your life will look like once you achieve your goal. Write down how it will make you feel and compare that to how you feel now. Treat this step as the foundation of everything else going forward.

Set Realistic & Actionable Goals: It’s essential to dream big—but setting realistic and achievable goals is equally important. Don’t let your dreams remain distant. You have the power to turn them into your reality. Start with one goal. Write it down. Identify a realistic time frame. Then, create one small action step to incorporate into your daily routine.

Embrace Self-Development: Invest in yourself. Attend a workshop, take an online course, read books, or seek guidance from mentors who align with your dreams. Bring more of what you’re seeking into your life—even if in small ways.

Surround yourself with accountability: Choose an accountability partner that supports your dreams and understands your “why.” A positive influence inspires you to keep going. And a different perspective on a challenging day offers fresh energy and new motivation. Who are supportive people in your life? Make a list.

Keep on keepin’ on: That’s right—don’t quit! Not every actionable goal is easy. Some challenge you out of your comfort zone—and that’s part of the journey. Embracing your setbacks builds confidence and courage.

Take some time to reflect:

Create a dream list of things you’ve always wanted to do—have fun with this!
Can you take steps towards making any (or all) of these a reality in a year? Three years? Ten years?
Now imagine you’re 80 years old. Which dream on your list would you most regret if you didn’t pursue it?

To talk more about this with me 1-on-1: Pick A Time