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Hello There!

Guess what? You CAN control how you respond to negativity, and whether or not you want to accept it. This can be done in a positive manner too!

Here are three tips (that work) to help respond to negative encounters and remain in a positive state of mind.

1. Start each day with an intention how you want to feel. What’s the positive emotion you want to carry with you throughout the day?
2. Pay attention to how you feel when you’re experiencing a negative person or situation. Are you angry? Do you feel your heart pulsing? Or, are you calm and in control?
3. If you feel stressed, set a boundary.– remove yourself from the situation, choose not to respond ( a smile goes a long way), excuse yourself, take a walk, take 10 deep breaths, or call a trusted friend.

Maintaining a positive state of mind affects everything and everyone around you. As always, reach out to me for help working through this or going deeper in a challenging area for you – You have the power to make positive changes in your life!