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Happy Summer!

Do you want to take some time for yourself this summer? July 4th is this Sunday – summer is in full swing!   We set out with great intentions, however, it’s often hard to get around to taking care of ourselves in the summer like we want. You can change this!

Here are three solid strategies to get the most out of your self-care goals this summer:

1. Make a simple list of what YOU would like to do over the next two months.  Writing down (yes…pen and paper) what you want to do serves as a daily reminder, motivator, and inspiration tool. This could include fun experiences, health routine, catching up with friends, and/or a creative project you enjoy doing. It’s your list – write what feels good to you. 

2. Make your list visible. Stick to your mirror, frig or anywhere you will see it daily. It becomes your self-care “to-do” list  – a list you want to tackle:)

3. Be flexible.  You may have kids at home, elderly parents to care for, and or work responsibilities that need to fit in with items on your list.  Don’t ignore your self-care because of this – use your free time wisely to address your list. Maybe its only a 20 minute walk vs. a 60 minute – it still will feel so good to tend to your needs.  I promise!

What’s on your self-care list? Keep it simple, keep your needs a priority, and you will begin to enjoy summer in a whole new way!

I have one spot available for a new client at this time, if you would like support in creating your self-care list, let’s do it together! Contact me  at: