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April 23, 2020

Hello There! 

I hope you are healthy and safe! 

This “shelter in place” is lasting quite longer than any of us want or expected it would. You may be still dealing with new schedules, new routines, new tasks, more bodies in your house (24/7), financial changes, or other.  You may miss how it used to be.  As a result, you may feel frustrated, uninspired or anxious.  You’re not alone. 

Negative feelings like frustration, boredom, or anxiety can take over your mindset and put you on a “not so desirable” path. We want to get out in front of these feelings.  Why?  Because these thoughts will not lead to a positive action.

How do you get out in front? 

1. Be in the moment- Yes, you need to work at staying present in all that you are doing whether it’s for work, home or self-care.

2. Zero in on what you are feeling in the moment. Does it feel good or bad? Do you want to feel this way? Awareness leads to change. This is where you will learn how to do less of what doesn’t feel good and more of what does feel good.  

3. Take action – what do you need to do to change how you feel?  What action will yield a positive feeling and produce further positive action?  Small actions can have big results in calming, inspiring and energizing. 

This is not easy for everyone, especially now.  Regardless of where we are in time, getting out in front of what we are feeling helps keep us on a healthier path emotionally, physically and mentally.  It can bring contentment and joy in all areas of your life.  Why not practice this now? 

I am available to talk with any of you and support in any way you need, even if just for a sounding board.  Please reach out.

My prayers are with all of you!


Christine Willard

Certified Life and Career Coach