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July 25, 2019

Setting boundaries for yourself is excellent self-care.  Women carry a lot of responsibilities these days – personally and professionally.  It is not selfish to set boundaries – with those we love at home and/or those at work.  The key IS actually honoring your boundaries. This requires communication that is positive, and focused on how you feel rather than attacking someone or lashing out in frustration. Always best to be kind and calm:)

It was difficult for me at first to set and honor my boundaries as a mother, caregiver, professional, volunteer, neighbor…but, just like a muscle, after you work it consistently, it (you) gets stronger.  For many women, beliefs carried with them since childhood or fears keep them from honoring their boundaries. The belief to please everyone or the fear of not feeling needed are two examples.  Can you relate to this? 

Taking care of yourself in this way brings you  better relationships, more time for yourself and a more balanced, calm life. It all begins with you! 

To set healthy boundaries you need to:

  • Connect to what you really want and need for YOUR peace of mind. Dig deep here!
  • Clarify who/what in your current situation supports your wants/needs or holds you back (or hurting you)  – ultimately throwing your life off balance.  Be honest with yourself…it only works if you are.
  • Confidently create a plan and honor it ( I am happy to help you with this) to shift from those individuals who do not support you and/or say “no” (hard to do for many of us) to situations or things that do not bring love, contentment and acceptance into your life.  

If you are ready to create and set boundaries in your life or work through the challenges you are experiencing,  I’d love to chat to see how I can help you. Schedule a free Breakthrough Session with me here. 

Have a happy day!

Christine Willard
Life Balance and Time Management Expert