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“Saying no can be the ultimate self-care” Claudia Black.

How well do you practice this?

Many people  say “yes,” but want to say “no.”  Is this you?  It often results in low energy, added pressure, regret, anxiety, frustration…the list goes on.

Learning to say no develops a greater level of respect for yourself and for others, and gives you the freedom to manage your time and energy. This is powerful self-care needed to create a calm, balanced life.

Practice saying “no”…

1. With honesty –  Be sincere in your response. “I have a lot on my plate and can’t make a commitment now, thank you for asking me.”
2. With simplicity – No need to run through your schedule to explain why you can’t take on something – you can say “Sorry, I have a full schedule this week.” Or, I can’t make the event, I appreciate the invite.”
3. With preparation – Sometimes we can get caught off guard with a request. Rather than answering immediately, politely ask for more time to think about it so you can think prepare your answer according to your needs.

Respect others when they say “no” to you as well:) To learn more about how to say no respectfully to give yourself the time and care you deserve, schedule a consultation with me here: